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Elite Shooting Sports: Armorer Services

We offer a variety of armorer services, such as basic sight installation, detail stripping and cleaning, parts and furniture installation on AR-15 platform rifles and most handguns. Most work can be done while the customer is waiting, typically 30 minutes or less.

When you drop off your firearm(s) for cleaning or zeroing in, the average turnaround time for completing these services is two weeks. We will contact you to let you know when your firearm is ready to be picked up.

For services not listed below or service-related questions, please send an email with a detailed description of your request, your name, and preferred contact phone number to [email protected]. Rates do not include parts or ammunition.

Robb Jensen Robb Jensen is Elite Shooting Sports' Chief Armorer. He previously worked for Virginia Arms since 2005 as an armorer and salesman. He is a factory trained armorer, certified by virtually every major firearms manufacturer. Robb has been shooting since he was five years old. His dad is a retired U.S. Marine, who was the Program Manager at Firepower Division, Quantico for the M16A2/A3/A4 & XM4. Robb got to shoot a lot of those military firearms while in high school, including lots of experimental arms sent to the USMC for evaluation. Immersed in the AR15/M16 platforms from a very young age, Robb has a shooting and working knowledge of the rifle that is rare, indeed. Robb has been hunting since his teenage years and working on guns since high school. He is a competitive shooter currently competing in IDPA and is classified as Master in IDPA and GSSF. In the past, Robb competed in a lot of 3gun, Steel Challenge, and USPSA competitions. He regularly attends firearms training classes as well as armorer courses.

Robb is working alongside Elite’s other three armorers: Zac Brown, Sam Fontanos, and Kevin Gorospe.

Robb Jensen's Hours:
Tuesday-Friday: 11:00 AM-7:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM-4:00 PM

Cleaning Services
Handgun $30
Rifle $50
Shotgun $50
Sight Installation Services
Handgun Sight Install (if doesn't require drilling/machining) $35
Mount Scope or Red Dot $35
Bore Sight $20
Zero Scope or Red Dot $50
Rifle Sight Package (Mount and Zero) $60
Action Services
Drop-In Glock Trigger Job (Apex/Zev/Others) $25
Apex Tactical Kits Install (S&W/others) $50
Volquartsen Ruger Mk2/Mk3/Mk4 Trigger Kit Install $50
GrayGuns P320/Classic SIG Trigger Kit Install $50
Cylinder and Slide 1911 Drop In Kit Install $50
 Diagnosis/Test Fire for Function $25



Revolver Services
Install Spring Kits $45
AR-15 Services
Install Magpul Furniture $10
Install Free Float Handguard $60 
Install Gas Block $35
Install Bolt Catch $15 
Install Aftermarket Trigger $25 
Install Ambidextrous Safety Selector $35 
Install Muzzle Device $20
Check Headspace $20
Install End Plate/Stock/Buffer Tube $25
Install Flip Iron Sights $15
Complete Upper Receiver Build $65
Complete Lower Receiver Build $65
Complete Rifle Build $125
IWI Tavor Left/Right Hand Conversion (a bolt and a wrench included) $179